Meet the Breed: Dalmatian


Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and personalities — from dogs that are ideal for protection to pups that are perfect for family life. There are approximately 167 breeds out there, not including mixed varieties. Each one is unique and they all deserve their own Territory, a familiar place where they feel comfortable and loved. Every month during “Meet the breed,” we’ll delve into the characteristics of a specific dog breed and the type of Territory that suits that pup best.

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Meet the Breed: Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is best known for being the ‘firehouse dog’ or the star of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. They are playful, energetic dogs that love to stay active and be a part of everything their family does. Distinguishing features include their slim, athletic build and of course, their spotted coat!

Two words: Firehouse dog

About me: Energetic, cheerful, large, obedient, playful, out-going, friendly, independent, intelligent, courageous and loyal

Likes: Love being active, running around outside, being the center of attention, going on long walks and meeting new people. They are also protective of their family

Dislikes: Sitting at home all alone with nothing to do

Grooming: Very clean breed, sheds often, need regular brushing, but their smooth coat only needs to be bathed about once every 3 months

Health concerns: Deafness, urinary stones, and allergies

Territory: Open space to run, a LEASH for long walks and hikes, and a REVERSIBLE BANDANA  so they can look good along the way!

How to adopt a Dalmatian:

ADOPT A PET  should be your first stop. It’s where shelters and rescues list their pets for adoption. You can search for a specific breed based on where you live, scan listings with photos and more information about each dog, and then contact that pet’s shelter or rescue to meet the pup.

Selecting a dog is a big decision. You are acquiring a best friend while becoming a dog’s permanent family member. It’s a life changing choice. Needless to say, you should consider many factors before welcoming a pup into your home. If a Dalmatian isn’t your cup of tea, how can you find the best dog for you? ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS TO FIND THE IDEAL COMPANION.

Meet the Breed: Dalmatian

August 17, 2016