National Dog Day: How to Spoil Your Pup

You don’t have to convince us that dogs are best – they’re loyal, affectionate and loving!

So, in honor of National Dog Day spoil your pup a bit extra (as if you needed an excuse). Here are 8 easy ways to give man’s best friend some extra love.

Founded in 2004, National Dog Day is celebrated annually on August 26th to honor all dogs of all breeds, as well as raise awareness for RESCUING A DOG.  


Food is always the way to a dog’s heart. A special SUMMER TREAT  or even a bone filled with his favorite snack with make for a happy puppy.

Go for a long walk

Clip on your pup’s LEASH  and take him for an extra-long walk around the neighborhood or dog park. The fresh air will do wonders for both you and your pup.

Learn a new trick


Spend some time teaching your dog a new trick. Teach them to roll over, high-five, or if you’re really up for the challenge try teaching them to skateboard! Dogs love to learn and they’ll especially love the treats your give them afterwards as a reward.

Play time

Treat your dog to a long game of fetch or round of tug-of-war with their favorite TOY. Your dog will love the extra time of slobbery fun.

Go for a ride


If your dog likes to be in the car, take them along for a nice car ride. Go for a cruise around the block and leave the window open to let your pup sniff the windy air.

Belly rub

There’s no better way to spoil your pup than a nice long belly rub. Let your pup roll over onto their back and enjoy their favorite indulgence.

Puppy massage

Dogs love massages too! After a long day of play, help your dog relax by massaging their sore muscles. Rub their paws, shoulders, and hips. It will help decrease any soreness or joint pain.

Nap time


Curl up with your pup’s favorite nap time BLANKET and kick back and relax.


How do you like to spoil your pup?

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National Dog Day: How to Spoil Your Pup

August 24, 2016